Classic Backless Bra (Black)

Item Details
Material Smooth Fabric & Silicon
Opacity Non Sheer
Feature 1. Quality assured for the material used, to provide comfort with luxurious experience.
2. Ditch the usual silicon nu bra! We bring you the new invention which makes the Classic Backless Bra lightweight and thicker for a push up look.
3. Ensures a 3D effect, no matter how long you wear it.
4. Use it over and over again, up to 10 times or more. This depends on how you take care of it.
5. Perfect to match it with a backless or deep neckline dress for any occasion.
6. Increase your cup by 2 sizes as the thickness of the bra is 3cm thick.

Choosing The Right Size
A 65A (30A), 70A(32A), 70B (32B), 75A (34A), 80A (36A)
B 70C (32C), 75B (34B), 80B (36B), 85A (38A)
C 85B (38B), 75C (34C), 80C (36C), 70D (32D)

Colour: Black
This product is also available in Nude.

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